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Lara Schwartz, LMFT

"Today you are you, that is truer than true. There is no one alive who is youer than you."

~ Dr. Seuss

Spiritual Therapy

Holistic Healing • Mindful Awareness

Many people are searching for deeper meaning in their lives. They have a distinct feeling that there is more to life than meets the eye. They may feel their heart longing for something more, even though they enjoy all the material successes. Sometimes, a life inquiry stems from some type of suffering or an unexpected crisis or trauma in their lives. How ever the questioning begins, the search for deeper meaning can introduce us to concepts and experiences beyond what we have previously understood about life. Discontentment or suffering can create an opening if we allow it, and being mindful of our experience can help us to honor what we are experiencing.

The funny thing about “spirituality” is that we may have an old preconceived notion of what being spiritual means. Like, needing to be poor, enduring a life of solitude, devoting our life to others, or shaving our head and joining an ashram for the rest of our life. We have a limited perspective of what spirituality really means. We may think it means something completely separate from our human experience….our real, alive, juicy and often messy human experience. That somehow to be spiritual means to bypass the messy parts of human existence. Another misconception about being spiritual is that it exists some place “out there” or “up there,” so we look outside ourselves for answers and ways to become “spiritual."  From my perspective, spirituality is much simpler and more accessible than all that.

I support people in connecting deeper to themselves, their true selves. Spiritual therapy involves mindful awareness of what is happening moment to moment. Mindful awareness can help us begin to become aware of how holistically everything functions within our experience…that we are not separate from all of the different parts of ourselves, but instead we function holistically, as one being. We then begin to understand that our soul, or spirit, lives within us and spirituality is inherently part of our human experience and that both, spirituality and humanity, are integrated within each of us. We may discover what we had previously thought of as "spiritual"…peace, wisdom, healing and “something greater than ourselves” actually exists and is available within us. By going inside and connecting to our present human experience, we can access that greater awareness…not just about ourselves, but about life as a whole. And by connecting deeper to our own embodied experience, we can also connect deeper within our relationships.

For more information about how I can help you with spriritual therapy and mindful awareness, call me at 541-410-5343 or email at
[email protected]. I look forward to hearing from you to talk more about how I can help. My counseling office is located at 731 NW Franklin Ave, Suite 100A in Bend, Oregon. I also specialize in couples counseling, spiritual counseling and indivual therapy in Bend, Oregon.